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For all our existing players, please download the new Launcher from the link above as we have revamped our Dream Client updating system. For new players feel free to look around before indulging into The Dream, then download from any links on our website.

317 Client with 474 Interfaces

We bring back that Old School RS Experience with lag-free dedicated a VPS and 24/7 Uptime to give you all your PKing, Bossing, & Skilling Needs. Feeling ready? Download our client now.

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Realistic Economy

We created a realistic, but sweetened version of the RS Economy.

Every Type of PvP

Whether you're bridding, ragging, or rushing you'll have the ultimate experience with lagg-free specs.

Easy & Ironman

We understand that people love different challenges. That's why you can go hardcore or the easy way each with their own perks.

2007 & 2018

Didn't think we'd have Infernal Capes & Vesta's? Well we do with many more from the best of both worlds.

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Send us an email whether its a bug, a compliment, or a question. We'd be happy to help you out in any way possible.